FAQ's and Tips

When should you replace your hot water tank?

If it is leaking

Bad leaks will also have a hissing sound coming from the tank. To be sure, look inside the burner access panel at the bottom. If there is water in there, the tank is gone and will need to be replaced. If it is over 10 years old, you got your money's worth out of it and you can feel better about replacing it.

Add a If it no longer delivers an adequate volume of hot water 

If it is gas fired, this means the gas control thermostat is failing. If it is electric, one of the heating elements has failed. Gas or electric tanks can also suffer from a failed "dip tube". Without getting into a long explanation, the dip tube is replaceable but is a sign of being a very old tank. There’s no point in putting money into it if this is the case.

If home insurance companies insist on it

Most insurance policies will not cover flood damage due to a hot water tank leak if the tank is more than 10 years old. Some insurance policies are now down to 6 years.


Water Heater Tip: Plan Ahead!

The side of this this old leaking tank had to be chopped off in order to get it out, because the homeowner built walls around it without considering tank replacement. The new tank was a Bradford White tall skinny tank that fit in with 1/4 inch to spare. This picture gives an interesting look at the insulation used on modern hot water tanks.

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